Zingrill Holdings is a foodservice organization that owns and manages renowned restaurant brands like Seoul Garden and BREEKS Café. The company started in 1983 with Seoul Garden, which was then a fine-dining Korean restaurant, serving authentic Korean-cuisine. The company and its brands have since evolved through the test of time.

Today, Seoul Garden is no longer a fine-dining concept.  But it has stuck to its belief in serving Korean-styled cuisine in a buffet-styled format at very affordable prices. This led us to better reach our customers -- who are usually young families, young working adults and even students in their teenage years.  The idea of Seoul Garden is to grow the brand in tandem with the customers – from student years to working adults to starting a family. The range of food served has also evolved through time to meet the local market demands. It has been Halal-certified to meet the growing needs of the Muslim market, but still retains those Korean-styled flavours that made us a household name.

BREEKS Café was developed in 1998 as a Western Café dining concept that offered a very appealing and affordable western menu. Over the years, our diners have appreciated our value-for-money offers and great tasting recipes including our well known half-chicken and mashed potatoes. BREEKS has since rebranded to give the restaurant a younger appeal, alongside with its food development. In recent times, customers tastes have shifted and they are now more accustomed to our famous BREEKS Classic Brownies and our ice-cream blended dessert like our well-loved Massive Attack.

Today, Zingrill Holdings has a very successful string of restaurant and restaurant concepts throughout the region. Further investments are in the pipeline with Vietnam and Philippines. We will continue to seek newer ways to grow our brands, across the region, and within Singapore. One of our growth areas has been our successful gift certificate programme which local companies and multinationals have supported through their own retention and acquisition programmes.

With Asia continuing to become our growth engine, Zingrill Holdings will aim to develop newer foodservice ideas and continue to innovate with exciting programmes that serve the brand development across Asia.

Sisters Brands

BREEKS Café is an American-styled café that offers a very appealing and affordable menu, unique restaurant ambient and exciting kerb appeal aiming at young diners. Our value-priced menu features many American-styled appetisers and entrees, accompanied by a variety of other tasty favourites such as our famous “Half BBQ chicken”, homemade dressings, bountiful salads, great steaks, delectable pastas, desserts and more. All our menu items are Halal-certified. To find out more about BREEKS, visit BREEKS

Harvest Foods is our catering division that leverages on our famous raw marinated meats, including skewered meats, chicken wings, seafood, including cooked food items for catering.

Packed, hygienically prepared and sealed, Harvest Foods delivers to companies’ functions, barbeque parties and private functions. All our food items are HALAL-certified. To find out more about Harvest Foods, visit HARVEST FOODS